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About ORH

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Oak Road Hatter was set up before the start of the 2020/21 season by Billy and Steven. Originally a passion project, ORH rebranded in January 2022 to be more than just a weekly podcast, expanding its social presence and recruiting an academy of writers with an ambition to begin careers in the football industry.

Our strategy statement is simple: become the home of all Luton Town fan-produced content, everything from blogs to pods, from videos to interactive content, all under one roof. Want to get an article on the website? Email your work to for your chance to feature!

The Hosts

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Billy Mulley

24 years old and started Oak Road Hatter at the back end of the Covid season. Beginning it all from Liverpool, whilst at university, and has since returned to the area and enjoyed trying to tick more of the 92 off over the past couple of seasons.

Working within football, Billy has helped to transform Oak Road Hatter from a basic site that produced just match previews and reviews to a brand that is now producing regular written content, delivering podcasts, and has a growing social presence. 

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Steven Day

Co-founder of the Oak Road Hatter Podcast, Steven has been following the Hatters home and away since the 2005/06 season, not through choice at the start though… his Aunt was worried he would give in to peer pressure from friends at school and follow a ‘big 6’ club, thankfully something not to regret! 

Having graduated with a Football Business and Media Degree from UCFB in mid-2023, being a part of the ORH team is proving to be a brilliant experience while being given the opportunity to spend time talking about Luton Town FC and football as a whole is equally as enjoyable.


Jamie Castle

Invited to join the ORH project in June 2021, now a regular contributor to the weekly podcasts. A third-generation Hatter, whose Offley-born Grandad "Ray" first started supporting the Town in the 1950s, the Luton bug has been passed from Grandad to Dad to me, now a season ticket holder of over 20 years.

Living in London and working a finance job in the City, it's a pleasure to be involved with a project that aims to deliver fresh content to Hatters fans and collaborate with the wider football family.

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Dylan Bhundia

Coaching for the Uni of Nottingham Women's 2nd Team and Notts County Women's Development Squad, Dylan also joined the ORH team at the start of the incredible 21/22 season.

Away from coaching, Dylan enjoys writing, talking, and creating videos on the Hatters from a tactical and player recruitment perspective, bringing fresh insight to the weekly podcast and even having pieces in the Matchday Programme!

Our Writers


Jacob Blackwood

Upon finishing sixth form Jacob began writing his own blog and was invited by the group to write for Oak Road Hatter. Since then he has continued to provide Hatters content for the team.

Jacob has been a season ticket holder for Luton since he was 5 years old. Outside of Luton, Jacob is the Press Officer at local non-league side Barton Rovers FC. He works as a digital marketing apprentice for a recruitment company and loves to play football in his free time.


Alex Oakhill

Currently studying Sports Journalism at Bournemouth University with the aim of working within the sports media industry in the future.

Invited to join Oak Road Hatter in June 2023, contribute with analysis articles and news pieces. A lifelong Town fan, following the club both home and away since his first game in 2009.


Samuel Roy

An aspiring football journalist, Sam has supported Luton for more than 10 years and has worked with Oak Road Hatter since the start of the legendary 22/23 promotion season. Like many of the team, he has witnessed the Hatters playing non-league football, and now Premier League football. 


A proud Lutonian, Sam is set to study Media Production at university, where he hopes to develop his writing and content creation skills to produce the best possible Luton Town-based content. 

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Luke Walsh

A lifelong Luton Town fan, Luke joined the ORH team for the 22/23 season as a freelance broadcaster and journalist to contribute to the podcast and the website.


With a BA in Broadcast Journalism and an MA in International Journalism, Luke applies his football knowledge and expertise, along with giving his passionate views on the progress of Luton Town.

Social Team

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Mark Lomax

Joining the ORH team in 2023 off the back of record-breaking season, brought in to increase media usage, social presence, and reach, taking ORH to the next level. 

From a non-football-supporting family, being Lutonian born and the plucky underdog nature drew Mark to Luton Town in 2008.

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Kieren Robertson

24 going on 25, supporting Luton Town my entire life, I have joined the Oak Road Hatter team this season in order to expand the brand and build a footprint across all social media platforms. Working now as a 1-2-1 Football coach, and building my own business, the skills I have developed are seen as a huge asset to the rest of the ORH team, and I am super excited to showcase what we have planned.

If you know me for my ‘Cornick is influential’ tweets for the last 3 years, I am going to be influential in helping to grow our presence online, and my presence elsewhere can always be found in the lower blocks of the Kenny End.

Want to join the team? Get in touch here, or email us at

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