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Michael Hector: What could ex-Fulham player bring to Luton Town?

Fans attending the Open Training session earlier this week got to witness an unfamiliar face that took part in the drills, as former Fulham centre back and free agent Michael Hector was put through his paces ahead of a linked signing. The Jamaica international, whose career has been defined more by the number of loan spells he has had compared to the caps he has made for his parent club, is looking like a strong addition to the Hatters back line. But, should he put pen to paper, what could he bring to the table?

Hector has been quite the journeyman since leaving the Reading Youth Academy in 2009. Making club appearances for teams like Havant and Waterlooville, Dundalk in the League of Ireland, Abderdeen in the SPL and even Eintracht Frankfurt in the Bundesliga, he's no stranger to playing at varying levels of quality. And yet, when you look at his attributes and his pros, we must look at our own set up and see where he may fit.

For starters, many Hatters are still pointing the finger for the dismal performance against Watford on Sunday at Sonny Bradley, who only played 45 minutes of the game. It was evident to see that for the majority of the game, it was silly defensive errors which allowed the Hornets to get shots on target, whereas another day and those attacks would have been easily closed down. It's a definite weakness that also showed in our wins vs QPR and Norwich. One may turn back the clock and wish Matty Pearson was still a Hatter, where a figure like him could provide back up where Bradley isn't good enough.

Hector's age does stand out as a possible factor against bringing him into the set up. A 30 year old coming into the defense when Luton's line bar Bradley is under 30. That being said, the experience that Hector could bring could be a telling factor in firming up the back line.

Nathan Jones has made it no secret in interviews that he is looking to bring in a centre half, despite the Transfer Window shut until the new year. A possible addition to the squad before the World Cup hiatus would be a good test as to how he would fare in our Championship Season. Speaking to Luton Today, Jones said: "We’ve still got an opportunity maybe to bring one in, an out of contract player, so we’ve left a slot open and that’s what we’ve done. If something becomes available that improves us and makes us better then we’re always ready to do that.”

It remains to be seen whether Jones does decide to bring him in. But whether he does or not, it's a telling sign that the 4-0 defeat on Sunday has given the whole squad a wake up call to remaining strong and firm this season.

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