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No January transfer window scenario will cause panic at Luton Town

The 2021 January transfer window proved to be a successful month for the Hatters last season, with Elijah Adebayo and Kal Naismith touching down at Kenilworth Road.

It appears that this year, and at this given moment, the month ahead will not be as busy at Kenilworth Road, as the hard work was done in the summer.

Now we sit in a position where we currently possess a squad full of depth, where competition for places is seemingly at an all-time high, further highlighting the good work we did ahead of this season.

Sitting here at this stage, many Luton fans, including myself, do not expect too many incomings this month but that could all change in an instant.

Given our start to the season, and the fact that we have some talented individuals within the squad, higher-level interest could emerge in some of our more marketable players.

Adebayo is someone who is progressing at an alarming rate in the Championship, meaning it would be no surprise to see financially-dominant clubs in our division and beyond emerging as interested parties.

Naismith is another name who has been mightily impressive this season and is growing in influence in a Luton shirt, and given his quality, ability to read the game and leadership abilities, he is a player that could attract interest amongst the promotion-chasing clubs in the second-tier.

If the aforementioned duo were to depart this January, it would of course be a great shame, as they have been integral to the progression of us as a club from last season.

However, we are a forward-planning club that will be prepared for any situation we could be thrown into and that is the silver lining if we were to lose any important players within the squad this month.

The unpredictable nature of the January transfer window means that no club will ever sit tight and expect a quiet month, instead, it is 31 days of continually assessing options and the possibilities that may arise from situations that may not even happen.

I for one am excited for what this month will bring, as we always tend to leave January in a better position than we started it.

The unpredictable nature of the next 27 days or so means that naming the line up that will start the first game after the window shuts is an impossible task.

The message I guess I am trying to get across is that if we are dealt huge blows in the January transfer window, we are more than capable of adapting to the situation and finding a solution accordingly.

Who would have thought that a League 2 forward and an out-of-contract League One player would be two of the most impressive signings in recent memory?

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