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Proud to be a Hatter

Controlling large parts of the game at Huddersfield, it was eventually an immediate feeling of disappointment as the Terriers secured their spot at Wembley, edging a step closer to the Premier League.

However, it did not take long for an overwhelming sense of pride to take full control of my emotions, as I started to process what an incredible ride it has been this season, with our defeat in Yorkshire being overshadowed by the numerous occasions of pure jubilation that this year has managed to create.

Us Luton fans understand to the fullest extent the highs and lows of following football, and whilst a play-off defeat is always a blow, Monday evening felt different.

Perhaps it is the excitement that this club has managed to generate this season or the belief that we are still nowhere near our ceiling, but ultimately, there is excitement about what next season might hold.

Looking at Monday’s performance in isolation, it is everything us travelling fans could have asked for, bar the most important aspect of the game, sticking the ball in the back of the net, but it acted as another reminder that we can outcompete and outperform one of the division’s top teams.

The most striking thing about this season has been our ability to bounce back from disappointment, and when you combine that with our continued progress up the Football League pyramid, then we can take a lot of positivity and optimism into this summer and beyond.

People on social media have tried to draw parallels between what has happened to Barnsley, and to what could possibly happen at Luton next season, however, we are a club who have the correct infrastructure and processes going on within the club to avoid a Barnsley-Esque disaster.

This is by no means the last dance, where we have reached the peak of our modern-day achievements, instead, it is another enthralling chapter in our continued rise from non-league football.

Summer represents an opportunity for Jones to progress the project and build an even stronger squad, and with the recruitment team we have in place, that adds another element of excitement.

Of course, it has to be considered that our success this season might come at a price, with clubs higher up being likely to assess the situations of some of our integral stars from this campaign, with the club perhaps preparing for interest in Elijah Adebayo, Kal Naismith, amongst others.

But whilst a situation like that could quite easily play out, we have proven to be a side that does not rely on individual brilliance, another factor as to why a Barnsley-Esque collapse should not be on the cards.

Pride is the overriding emotion that this season has produced, as our club continues to generate plenty of positive memories for us fans!

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May 20, 2022

Even if a few of our (many) stand-out players do move on in the summer, our fantastic recruitment never lets us down, and I'm confident that whatever happens with the squad we'll have the potential to at least match this season next year in terms of performance. Already buzzing for the new season to begin - COYH!

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