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Oak Road Hatter announces partnership with talkSPORT Fan Network

Oak Road Hatter is proud to announce a brand new partnership with National Sports Broadcaster talkSPORT, in an initiative to unite similar fan publications across the 92 Premier League and English Football League clubs in order to increase content and reach. talkSPORT, owned by News UK group which includes Virgin Radio, The Sun, and The Times Newspaper and Radio, is the biggest sports radio station in the world with award-winning content, reaching over 3 million listeners every single week. At the start of 2022, they launched their new mantra “Powered by Fans” with the intention to keep listeners at the heart of what they do.

The initiative will see our podcast, along with the new sister series "Put It In The Mixer", represent Luton Town Football Club and therefore will be accessed by more listeners across the whole of the Football League, including increasing engagement with clubs in the Championship for collaboration.

In a statement, founder Billy Mulley said... “All of us at Oak Road Hatter are delighted to have been chosen to represent Luton Town Football Club on talkSPORT’s new Fan Network. Essentially the Fan Network is a collection of fan-led podcasts, with all content created by the fans, for the fans, and the aim of it is to provide listeners with specific club-based content for every team across the 92 Premier League and EFL clubs.

"We’re proud of the growth that ORH has seen, particularly in the last twelve months, and we’re looking forward to producing more of the best Hatters-based content in the coming months, with some extremely exciting collaborations in store.”

For more from Oak Road Hatter, don't forget to follow us across all of our socials, including subscribing to our YouTube channel for the launch of Put It In The Mixer.

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