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What can Luton learn from Birmingham to bring against Kompany’s Clarets?

One down, 45 to go. Many left Kenilworth Road quite satisfied that, after being soundly defeated 8-0 over two games to Birmingham City last year, a 0-0 draw on opening day when we dominated the possession and chances is a huge positive to how well Luton will do as we get into the main bulk of this upcoming campaign. Next up for us though, is a visit to Jordan North’s Happy Place: Vincent Kompany’s Burnley at Turf Moor.

Facing a relegated Premier League team on GW2 of the season was always going to be tricky. But after Burnley’s impressive 1-0 win over Huddersfield Town on the opening fixture of the season, it has shown and showcased the benchmark that the former Belgian Premier League defender has set for his side.

Nathan Jones described the Hatters as “lacking sharpness” when discussing the missed opportunities, we had on Saturday at home. But he also pointed out that considering our astonishing run last year, which saw our strike partnerships pick off results against Bournemouth and Nottingham Forest, the firepower is there. In addition, the signings we’ve continued to make this summer including Pepple, Woodrow, and Morris to add to Adebayo, Clark, and Cornick, Nathan Jones will not be short of options for squad depth.

So, what do we expect on Saturday? Do we go into Turf Moor expecting to be pushed over? Do we go into the game as the underdog? Or could we tell ourselves that we have enough to provide a fight against Burnley which will lay the benchmark for the way we can expect this season?

I hope Adebayo and Woodrow provide the upset. 2-0 Luton.

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