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Five Hatters players you need in your FPL team

Walk into any workplace, group of friends, or local community in the UK with a strong football following and there's a 95% chance you will find a Fantasy Premier League setup. With the reveal and launch ahead of the season to come, excitement has begun to build up and down the country, as managers select their starting lineups for GW1. As for Luton fans, the prospect of adding the Hatters amongst the likes of Haaland, Kane, and Salah fills them with much hope of scoring consistent points.

Although you can only select three players from the same club, we have chosen five key names from the current Luton Town squad that we feel are worth spots in your lineup and are worth their price tag to be selected.

1. Carlton Morris - Forward, £5.5m

A no-brainer to begin with, Morris being the most expensive at only £5.5m is a worthy consideration as a bench forward as a minimum. With a combined 26 goals and assists last season you would feel that he has what it takes to be able to step up to the top tier of English Football and show the world what he can do. Starting 41 times out of the 44 appearances he made for our promotion-winning team, he's a surefire consistent point scorer.

2. Tom Lockyer - Defender, £4.5m

With five defenders to select, managers tend to struggle with who they could pick as a cheap and effective player that will fill their five slots. But with Captain Fantastic extending his contract this week, Lockyer would be a smart selection, having scored three goals in his 39 appearances for the Hatters, including, unfortunately, having to be taken off early on during the Play-Off Final after collapsing. It's good to see him back and ready to lead Luton Town in the Premier League era.

3. Jordan Clark - Midfielder, £5.0m

If you're not putting Clicker in the side solely due to his goal in the Play-Off final alone, then who are you? But in all seriousness, Clark is an incredible midfielder that has stepped into the void that Naismith left behind when he moved last Summer. Whilst he plays in a more advanced midfield position, his versatility between attacking and defensive work makes him so valuable to Rob Edwards and to any FPL manager. At just £5.0m, he is not a bad shout for one of the five midfield slots.

4. Amari'i Bell - Defender, £4.0m

The default mindset for most FPL managers is to find defenders with attacking threat, pairing the hopeful clean sheet points with the odd assist or set piece goal. To that end, you'd think Alfie Doughty (£4.5m) would be another interesting pick in the Hatters' defence. But for those managers that play the game seriously, the hunt for early bargains to help save funds for those premium options is really important.

Amari'i therefore, having played 43 of Luton's Championship fixtures in the unforgettable promotion season, allows managers to have a solid £ bench option that comes on and gets reliable appearance points in the event any chosen starts are dropped from their respective sides. Whilst the odd 1- or 2-point bench pick doesn't seem to turn the dial, the money saved to help the rest of your team combined with the additional points will definitely add up over the course of the season.

5. Elijah Adebayo - Forward, £5.0m

In the same regard as choosing Morris, Adebayo is another dependable forward that would provide guaranteed points in a well-balanced Fantasy XI. Starting 42 out of the 46 League games last season, including all of the playoff action, and scoring eight times during the entire campaign, he is undoubtedly one of Luton's most valuable strikers ever since he joined way back in January 2021 from Walsall. At just £5.0m, he's a bargain.

If you want to join in on the Fantasy Premier League this season and see if you have what it takes, you can join the Oak Road Hatter Public League! If you click here and you enter the code *z2w8v7*, you will be able to compete against the Oak Road community and the writing team too. So select your teams now and we will see you at the start of the season!

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