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Jordan Clarks incredible rise: Through the EFL to scoring at Wembley

With the dust still somewhat settling from our incredible win in the 'richest game in football', you could look to anyone in the Luton Town squad and find a remarkable story to write about. Jordan Clark, who ticks the box of, "have they played for Barnsley?" when being recruited by Luton is another story to shine a light on, having featured in all 5 tiers at the top of English Football.

Jordan Clark has been an incredible piece of business from Luton Town | Photo Courtesy of Gareth Owen

A picture from our last ever non-league game away to Hyde was doing the rounds on Twitter a couple of weeks ago highlighted just how far Clark, nicknamed 'Clicker', has come. The 29 year old is a product of the Barnsley FC Academy, where he won the 'most promising academy player' award for the 2009/10 season, although he only went onto make 6 appearances with his hometown club.

When Nathan Jones described Clicker as "the worlds best free signing" it might have been thought an embellishment by Hatters and regarded as ridiculous by fans of other clubs, but the midfielders' performances this season and well taken opening goal in the Championship Play Off Final has got the Hatters faithful believing this statement as fact. When I saw that he had become the first signing of Jones' second stint at the club I wasn't entirely sure who he was, but Accrington Stanley fans were devastated to lose him, on a free, but still wished him well for his next steps.

Some stats from Clickers' 22/23 season are:

Jordan Clark performance compared to other attacking midfielders in The Championship 22/23 | Source

When compared to other attackers in the division, these put him as one of the better forward thinking players in the division, as well as defensive stats showing the importance of his pressing and defensive work.

Clark has always had wonderful things to say about the club too, when he heard that Luton were originally interested in him he asked his agent to do anything to get the deal done, and that after he met Jones it was a no-brainer to sign for the Hatters. Recently after signing a new deal he also said "why go anywhere else when I really love this club?" which is something I'm sure all of us Hatters love to hear, and we all saw that love from in the celebrations at Wembley.

I'm sure I'm not the only one when I say Jordan Clark can regard himself as a legend at Luton for his contribution to us incredibly making the Premier League, he's been nothing short of brilliant for us since signing. Also, hearing about how he loves the club and how proud he is to be here shows we've got a real gem on our hands, and we're incredibly lucky to have a player like him represent us too.

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1 commentaire

Peter Scott
Peter Scott
15 juin 2023

JC is a fantatic player and just oozes class - he wont look out of place in the Prem at all!

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