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Smashing through ceilings

This article featured in the official Luton Town FC matchday programme for the game against Reading (07/05/22), in the 'Dylan's Diary' column.

If anyone at the start of this season had said that the chance to finish in the play-off positions would be in Luton’s hands going into the final day, then I think most would have balked at their overoptimism.

Regardless of the outcome, today is a spectacular day. It’s indicative of how far the club has come in such a short space of time, fighting against all odds, and exceeding all expectations. That there is a slight feeling of disappointment that the play-off fight has gone to the final day just sums up the extent to which this team has driven expectations upwards as they’ve climbed the table.

This season should not be defined by the outcome of today. What is the point of the previous forty-five games if the entire feeling surrounding those individual moments is defined by one set of ninety minutes? Yes, football is a results driven game, and everyone wants to reach the promised land of the Premier League - but enjoying the journey along the way makes reaching the end goal worth it.

What this group of players and staff have given Luton fans to enjoy is a team that they can be proud of. A team that embodies the values of the town and encapsulates the fight against injustice that is embedded in the fabric of the club. It’s given us last minute pandemonium against Bournemouth, gritty away wins in Wales and showdowns with the champions of Europe. These amazing moments and the way that this team has gone about giving us those will live long in the memory, regardless of what happens today, because they brought joy to every Luton fan in the present. They give us life and no single game or result can extinguish that feeling.

This season has been a story about the importance of playing with feeling. When people feel backed, cared about and confident in themselves within a framework of high standards and a strong culture, anything is possible, and that is what has built the connection between fans, players and staff this season. The players have given everything for the club, and the fans have responded by giving everything for the players. It’s amazing to be part of, because every one of us has played a very small but cumulatively important role in this club getting to where it is today.

Having a column in the matchday programme of the club that I love has been a dream come true and not something that I ever expected to happen. I’d like to say a huge thank you to the club for giving me this opportunity, it’s been a privilege and I hope that everyone has enjoyed reading my take on things.

This club is all about smashing through ceilings that nobody from the outside looking in expects them to push through. If the feeling of strength in unity at the club can be continued, then no matter the result today, this club will continue to upset all odds and be one that we as fans can take pride in every day of our lives. Enjoy the journey, because it’s the journey that defines who we are.

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1 Comment

May 09, 2022

Great article Dylan, been enjoying reading your blogs for some time now, keep up the good work and COYH best football club in the world

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