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Where else could Luton Town strengthen ahead of their Premier League opener at Brighton?

As the opening Luton Town Premier League match approaches, I find myself preoccupied with ideas on how to strengthen the first-team squad to meet the demands of the Premier League. Here are three crucial areas where we could grow significantly and improve our prospects of waging a successful survival campaign.

James Shea celebrates promotion | Photo copyright of Gareth Owen/LTFC

Position One

The first, and most obvious position is Goalkeeper. Since gaining promotion we have been consistently linked to GK’s - heavily mentioned names being Tom Heaton, Thomas Kaminski, and Lee Nicholls.

Following the recent promotion, updating the goalkeeper has become an essential decision. The shift to a higher competition level necessitates strengthening every component of our squad, including the keeper position. A competent goalkeeper is not only the last line of defence but also a dominating figure who inspires confidence throughout the team. With tougher opponents and more difficult matches ahead, an efficient and experienced GK will provide the stability and assurance required to manage the new league's rigours. Upgrading this position sends a strong message of ambition and commitment to prosper at the next level, enhancing our prospects of sustained success in the face of stiffer competition.

For me, Kaminski should be considered our number one option. While lacking the ball-playing skills of Ederson and Onana, with our more direct style this should not be an issue; and his shot-stopping numbers are incredibly impressive – an important factor as we will more than likely be facing a high number of shots.

Tom Lockyer and Gabe Osho celebrating | Photo copyright of Gareth Owen/LTFC

Position Two

Next up is another centre-back. This may seem a rogue choice considering we signed Andersen earlier this window and we haven’t been weakened in this area. However, when you consider the injury records of Burke and Potts it would seem an oversight to not bring in another defender. A strong defence is the foundation of any team's performance, and injuries can destabilise the group's stability and consistency. In addition to offering protection during injury stretches, the increased depth will encourage healthy competition among the players, encouraging each to step up their game and contribute to the team's success. Having a reliable centre-back on the team can be the difference between the team reaching its objectives in a league where winning and losing can often be decided by the smallest of margins.

Ironically, my choice would be Axel Tuanzebe. While a relatively injury-prone player himself, he has a good pedigree and would be chomping at the bit for a Premier League move. Comfortable playing at RCB he would provide solid cover as well as pushing Osho and Burke for that starting spot.

Overall Assessment

The recruitment team have got our transfers spot-on so far; I was massively impressed by our newest signing in Ryan Giles. In turn, I expect them to make the right decisions going forward. The aforementioned are the only ‘must strengthen’ areas, although, I do think bringing in some cover at right wing-back and defensive midfielder would be welcome additions.

Featured image: Copyright of Gareth Owen/LTFC

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Aug 02, 2023

2 GKs, maybe 1 more center back, another defensive midfielder and 1 striker.

GKs: Kaminski and a senior profile (Heaton, Guaita, Dubravka)

CB: Tuanzebe could be an option, but maybe there's somebody cheaper on wages and less injury prone in the European market

CDM: Maitland-Niles (he would also provide cover on the RWB)

ST: again, there could be some cheap options in Europe, or this could be a loan


Aug 01, 2023

Geez Tuanzebe is a call and a half, another quality striker and a technical midfielder would also be handy but i don't mind another defender either


Aug 01, 2023

A striker is a must with no disrespect to the current forwards not including macatee Taylor an the like I see 30 goals across the forward line nowhere near enough.


Aug 01, 2023

We’re all agreed on the GK, and also I agree that Kaminski represents the best option, he will however be the most expensive. I also think we should be looking for another striker, Edozie has been brought in as a utility man in a way, and cover for the RWB role, not just a striker. We lack variety up top, so a young pacey striker on loan would be the 2nd priority after the GK for me

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